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“Since we began, the script has undergone quite a few rewrites, but none with the impact provided by your keen observations and critical analysis. Story logic, narrative balance, and most importantly, character development, have all benefited greatly from your notes. And just in time! We’re about to make this movie. Thanks again, we’ll be in touch.”

Brendon & Scott - California

"When one wants his or her play to be the very best it can be, it's easy to make sensible changes by someone you trust. I trust Play­Crafters. They bring a lot to the table. Most of all, PlayCrafters wants the play to be better too. I can think of no higher accolade from a playwright."

Phillp – New York

“I wholeheartedly recommend your comprehensive services whether for external structure or the complex interactions in the underpinnings of drama. Overall, I had a wonderful experience in reintroducing myself to the script and am highly motivated to tackle the rewrite.”

Don - California

“I have an MA in Film and Television, took several masters-level screenwriting courses – NONE AS GOOD AS THIS.”

Mark – Pennsylvania

“After working with Jim over the past several months, I can genuinely say that it was not only a great learning experience, but a lot of fun. My script was transformed from a 200 page mess to a 105 page focused script that was everything I hoped it would become. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Jonathan - Texas

“The changes you suggested, helped me to better focus the action and inner motivation of the characters. Thank you again for the excellent job PlayCrafters did in critiquing my script.”

Dan – Colorado

“I found my sessions with PlayCrafters extremely rewarding...They could not put more effort in your work if they had money riding on it.”

Olga – New York

“Great notes, James. Great notes and thank you.”

Kristy - California

“The PlayCrafters Group provided exactly what I was looking for and needed, solid recommendations that will enhance my work and hopefully make it more marketable.”

James – Virginia

“I fully believe that our time spent together shaping and molding the play helped it meet the full potential that I believed it could realize in the first place. I felt your opinions were genuine and that they were opinions that I could truly trust. Work with PlayCrafters was an integral part of making my play into what I envisioned.”

Carey – New York

"....keen observations and corrections, complete pre­paration and comprehensive view of the art make Play­Crafters a unique asset to any program."

Diane – New York

“I found you to be extremely sensitive to your power as a critic, but never so much that your comments were patronizing or diluted. You were extremely good at nosing out inconsistencies, irrelevances and stuff that I just didn’t sense. Even better, in our meeting together, you were dogged about exploring multiple solutions to these problems that would work for me as well as my story… I left our meeting with a renewed sense of passion and possibility for a story that I has lost in structural hell. Feel free to use me as a reference – I suppose the fact that I can’t wait to get you a revision says it all.”

Julie - Pennsylvania

“Jim will not tell anyone what to write and how to write it. He will accept your goal as you describe it to him on the outset, so you had better be able to tell him very precisely what it is you want to do, because he will gear all his comments to your fulfillment of that goal… Jim’s great. Hire him”

Olga – New York

“Unlike other services which gives one a piece of paper and some “popcorn” feedback, having to meet you was like meeting my personal teacher. I like being able to converse with the reader to tell me what works and what doesn’t .... I am very pleased with your work and would definitely recommend you to other writers interested in finalizing their script”

Sean - Pennsylvania

“I wanted to thanks you for the excellent job you did in evaluating my screenplay. Your insightful, page-by-page analysis has giver me the direction I need to create a much better script. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Greg – Pennsylvania

“With your guidance and encouragement, my writing skills have improved 110 percent. There are no words to thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me, the gift of trusting my talent ... Thank you for all your help.”

Frank – New York