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PCG Script Services and Fees

The PlayCrafters Group currently offers three types of evaluation services designed to assist writers at any stage in their script’s development.

The Script Overview

This service provides an essential overview of your screenplay as well as a 1 1/2 to 2 hour, toll-free telephone consultation. This has proven to be a good way for writers to quickly discover early in the process what major structural elements are working for them, others that don't, and where to go from there. [$175.00]

The Script Coverage Report

The Coverage Report provides a more thorough and comprehensive reading of the script including a written two-page coverage report to give you a quick heads-up on what's working for you according to the dramatic elements of structure, character development and text/subtext, and a 2 - 2 1/2 hour toll-free consultation. [$250.00]

The Script Evaluation

This premier service provides an even more in-depth analysis of your script beginning with a thorough 10 - 15 page written evaluation and commentary. In addition, your script will be returned and annotated on a page-by-page basis to better reference your script's formatting, spelling, character development, throughline and dialogue. Once you have received the written evaluation and had time to review it, we will then follow-up with you in a 2 - 3 hour toll-free telephone consultation. [$475.00]

* * *

All services provide substantive and targeted feedback that will enable you to achieve greater focus and objectivity about your own work. Above all, our objective is to help you reach the story-goals you’ve set for your story and all services are designed to help you further develop and craft that story into a production-ready script.

Creative Screenwriting magazine rated our service as the Best of the Best Buys in its review of script analysts from around the country.